Katie (rubberband_pop) wrote in good_causes,

Helping Out a Desperate Friend

Ah. Hi.

I'm trying really hard to help out a friend.

Actually, well--there's a young woman who sent me a message over Facebook (Facebook is a...community, if you will, for colleges and college students. Students who go to a specific school can join up with their school's network and it can help you keep track of friends who might have gone to other schools).

You can do searches by last name, so likely, at first, she did a search by the last name 'Ridenour'--which is my last name. I offered to try and help.

Her name is Christina Broad, currently she lives in Ohio with her foster parents, Jim and Anne Broad and attends Ohio State. Her birthparents are Brian and Kelley Ridenour.

She was born on a Navy base in Kitsap County in Washington on Feb. 2nd, 1985--was adopted and then sent to Ohio.

This is very, very vague, I know. I'm working on getting more info--she contacted me probably two days ago and she's on the hunt. And I feel for her, so...I'm trying to help. I've lost some really important people to me. So I feel for her. So I'm hunting around at adoption communities. If anyone knows any that I can ask questions as I gain more info--I'd really appreciate it.

Again...I know this is really vague--but if anyone knows anything. Anything, no matter how small the detail--I'd want to know. Anything.

Thank you--I hope this was allowed since I'm asking for someone else.
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